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All’s Well That Ends Well

Perhaps under other circumstances having ’solved’ All’s Well would be enough of an achievement, but this is the National we’re talking about; it’s perfectly justifiable to demand more.

Werter, Werter

Theatre does not have to be linear or orderly, its strength lies in collage, Mikuš tells us. Werter, Werter is broken, odd, and wonderful.

Rotating in a Room of Images

In Rotating in a Room of Images, participants spend the majority of the 15-minute production in pitch darkness, guided only by invisible hands and the spooky voice in the headphones.


Wondermart continues Rotozaza’s work with audio-instructed performance and develops the site-specific element introduced in Etiquette.

Between Gallery and Performance: Punchdrunk & Tim Crouch

What do Punchdrunk’s Tunnel 228 and Tim Crouch’s England have in common? They rethink the relationship between artwork and gallery space through interdisciplinary performance.

The Frog Princess

Warm, wise and beguiling, The Frog Princess is fifty minutes of rough magic that takes its audience on an epic imaginative journey.

Pictures from an Exhibition

Is a work of art only as interesting as the sex-life of its creator?

Read London Theatre Blog on Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is by no means a substitute for the printed novel, but its support of online content, including blogs and online newspapers, makes it an exciting reading medium for the tech savvy generation.

Tunnel 228

Tunnel 228 isn’t meant to be found (i.e. stumbled upon at random); you’re meant to find it (i.e. actively seek it out).

Holy Mothers

Holy Mothers is full of surreal religious moments, and while not always explored to their fullest extent, they add an evocative dimension to Schwab’s renowned Austrian cynicism.

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