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Jack Pratchard

Jack Pratchard is a brilliant feat of storytelling, with a timeless feel and an imaginative use of theatrical medium.


Matt Boothman talks to the artists and organisers of Home, a pop-up installation and performance art event staged in a Regency mansion in residential Penge, London.

Journey to the Heart of the Sun

Chronicle of a journey to the Cartoucherie de Vincennes to see Théâtre du Soleil’s latest production, Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir.

Measure for Measure

This is a production fascinated by the psychological dissection of individual souls, but without much concern for the real-world consequences of its protagonists’ moral and marital manoeuvres.

11 and 12

One of the most touching moments in the play comes when the two leaders of 11 and 12 meet and talk through the night about their conflicting beliefs.

Interview with Polarbear: spoken word artist

Diana Damian speaks to Brummie Spoken Word artist, Polarbear, about his show RETURN and his unique approach to performance.

A Practical Guide to Theatre and the Web: Twitter

Do you tweet? What can Twitter do for your work in the creative industries? Sinead MacManus covers the main points of the world’s most used microblogging service.

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