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Goodbye Mr Pinter

There was a sense of clarity in London today, heightened by a cold wind and a crisp silence. No streams of traffic, no hustle and bustle, nothing but a chance…

Brickbats in Cyberspace

Modern theatre criticism has problems, and those problems are generational in nature. That’s the one overriding conclusion with which I left the Royal Court after Brickbats in Cyberspace, in which…

Fringe Diary Part 1: First Impressions

The annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe attracts the best and the barmiest of companies to show off, experiment and network for three weeks of non-stop plays and parties.

A beautiful Rhys of comedy

Comedy doesn’t have to be racist, sexist, rude or political to get a reaction. It can simply be gentle, observational, harmless fun and can get just as many laughs, be just as hilarious.

An Interloper at the Olivier Awards

Are the Olivier awards still relevant?

Life and Times of a new graduate working in theatre

Is it really possible to make a living and a lifestyle out of loving theatre?

Drugs and Theatre Go Together

I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. Theatre saved my life.

Event Horizon

The Event Horizon sculptures seemed to me to function along that painful and poignant artistic line which highlights the gap between the collective and individual experience.

A Desert Storm

Working in London’s fringe as a designer finds you in some very odd places.

What a Girl Wants

I am permanently on the lookout for women on the comedy circuit and I rarely find them so when I do it’s always a great treat.

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