Category: Circus Arts

The following series of photographs by Ben Hopper was taken on a construction site in South Tel Aviv. These pictures are the result of an improvised collaboration between a group of Israeli artists and performers. This part of South Tel Aviv borders on the Florentin neighborhood which is considered to be a ‘bohemian’ area, home to a community of young artists. The building under construction in the photographs, between 7-10 stories high, once housed carpentry and glass making workshops, galleries and other spaces, but was evacuated and underwent construction to accommodate new apartments.

The performance event depicted in the series took place on June 14, 2008 and was coordinated by Omer Yechezkel who found the building and came up with the idea of bringing a group of creative people / performers / dancers / circus artists together for an improvised photo shoot. Everyone felt the building was amazing and should be put to use in its ‘empty’ state. The 14th of June was a Saturday which is Shabbat in Israel – that way most of the people (religious or secular) were not at work and the building was accessible (unofficially). All images © copyright of Ben Hopper.

1. From right to left: Ido Cheddar, Sharon Danon, Guy Leon, Maria Fernández, Adam Bezalel

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