20-08-2009The Stronger

Adam Levy is a London-based theatre photographer who, for this series of images, turns his attention to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 and a one-woman rendition of August Strindberg’s play The Stronger. The production is directed by Caroline Devlin and performed by Laura Pradelska. This short one-act play unfolds in a “ladies’ cafe” between two female characters Miss X and Miss Y, only one of whom speaks. The Stronger runs until the 31st of August at Jury’s Inn in Edinburgh. All images © copyright of Adam Levy.


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This is a caption test. Whats going on here?      This is a caption test. Whats going on here?

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About the photographer
Adam Levy has been taking photographs since a young age. It was not long before he combined his passion for photographs with his love of stage, and Adam is now a London based show photographer. In addition, Adam has always had a strong interest for fine art photography, which he still explores both through his theatre work and other projects.